3 health benefits to caffeine

3 health benefits to caffeine

Alright, before you read this, you should keep in my that we are not doctors or scientists, simply caffeine addicts, probably like you. Because we know that if you are reading this, it means you think you have a caffeine problem and you are trying to convince yourself that it is okay to consume that much caffeine in a day, am I right? 
Enough of this, let’s jump to 3 reasons why caffeine is the ultimate life partner.  

1.Caffeine can increase memory. 

Yep, caffeine can apparently make you smarter. Okay okay, that’s pushing it a bit... But a study of Johns Hopkins University showed that 200 mg of caffeine helped boost memory consolidation. Basically, take caffeine right before your girlfriend gives you her to do list and your relationship is saved for life! 

2. Caffeine boosts alertness and wakefulness. 

This one is pretty self-explanatory and many studies prove it. Caffeine is there for you for times where you just can’t do it by yourself and need an extra kick. It will help you with your simple reaction time, choice reaction time, incidental verbal memory and in visuospatial reasoning. Basically, it will boost alertness and wakefulness. Although, certain people will experience anxiety from caffeine intakes, so if this happens, talk to a doctor about your experience before taking any more caffeine.

3. Caffeine makes you nicer. 

This is not scientifically proven, but you know it, we know it, your friends know it, caffeine simply makes us better people. Theres nothing worse than a social gathering without your dose of caffeine. It’s as if the world cannot go on as long as you don’t get it. 

Not only is caffeine a life saver when it comes to getting your dose of energy to start the day right or to say goodbye to those afternoon slumps, but it apparently has a few health benefits to it. What can I say, caffeine is just that amazing. Now that you’ve calmed down from all of the stress of a possible caffeine addiction, grab your Chewpod and kick today’s booty! 
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